Nelson Hsu

I’m an award-winning leader, editor, designer, developer and journalist. Throughout my career, whether at The Washington Post, NPR, or NBCU Local, I’ve led, transformed, and elevated the way stories are told and presented.

As much as I like to get my hands dirty and dig into a design, coding, or data project, I equally enjoy building teams and seeing my team members succeed. I love coaching and seeing people become transformative members of an organization.

In addition to being in charge of coordinating daily and long-term projects on the editorial side, I’ve spent a lot of time creating efficiencies and building tools that allow editors to enhance stories with visuals. This requires collaboration across an organization with teams and newsrooms spread across the country. It also requires collaboration with product and tech teams.

I'm dusting off my portfolio and links to my work are coming soon, but in the meantime, you can check out my resume, find me on LinkedIn, or contact me.